Normal maps don't reflect the light properly.

Hi guys.

I have faced an issue while was working with normal maps. When I look at an actor with a normal map currently applied on it, the map only reflects the light correctly if I look at the actor in the opposite direction of the light source. So when I move to the light side and look at the actor from the other side, normal maps don’t reflect the light correctly.



Since normal maps reflect the light based on the highs and lows, so I expect to see the light reflection from a surface in different perspectives.
I hope to be any solutions to this issue.

Lets take a more detailed look at the third photo. As you can see I have determined some areas that nicely reflect the light rays (lighted edges of the normal map). The thing is if I stand between the light source and the leaf, the raised areas of the normal map do not reflect the light as they do when the leaf is placed between the light source and the camera (second photo), although shadowing between normal map’s gaps still work no matter from which angle I look at it.

Maps I have used for the leaf:

Color Map

Normal Map

AO map

Roughness map


Bump Offset Node

I hope I made it more clear.


no response in two days. So sad, :expressionless:

I see no issues in your image, looks totally fine. Can you maybe post more examples?

Thanks for your reply. I have updated my question as you asked. I hope to be more clear this time.

Hi Navid, can you please upload a screenshot of your material.

sure. here is my material.

‘WorldPositionOffset’ pin is connected to ‘SimpleGrassWind’ node.