Normal maps display wrong in UE4 but fine in Maya and Unity

I have a rock asset from a Unity project that is just a mesh with a normal map and when I import it to Unreal (I’ve tried all import settings) it will not display properly.

This is what the asset looks like in Unity:

This is what the asset looks like in Maya:

This is what the asset looks like in Unreal 4:


As you can see, Unreal displays hard edges and incorrect lighting around the edges, even though the normals are set correctly, so maybe it’s the lighting? I played around with a few lighting settings, disabling AO and GI, and I’ve also tried importing the asset into Maya and exporting it as an FBX from there with a bunch of different settings but still no luck.

Any help would be appreciated because this is really confusing; I’ve imported Unity assets into Unreal before and they always look better, not worse!


I think you need flip green channel in normal map.

Thanks that totally worked! Any idea why it would be necessary to flip the green channel?

It’s a 3d max standard i think