Normal Maps and Nanite

Hey everyone, just want to say thank you to all content creators and ue devs for making this technology possible. Really groundbreaking stuff.

I do have one question about my asset pipeline. Usually, I can make a model and use something like substance/quixel mixer to texture it. I can still do that now but instead of baking my high poly mesh to a low poly mesh, I can simply texture it and pass It in. Awesome stuff, saves a bunch of time.

One thing I do use is I have procedural effects for stuff like dents and scratches that are usually done with normal maps. How can I achieve this but in the polygon format?

for example, if I pull in a gun mesh, and I want the dents/scratches etc. to be programmatically changed over the course of the game, how can I create a model with those programmable features?


A lot of kewl sculpting brushes out there on the internets. Also substance painter can displace with heightmaps