Normal Blend not working

Hi! I have a little problem, i’m trying to blend to normals to get more detail in my landscape but is not working, when i put the map detail, in the landscape i can see only the checker texture, if a left only one normal, so it works perfectly

I have been using NormalAngleCorrectedNormals and Detail texturing and is the same.

Hi, did you set the sampler source of all the texture you use in your landscape material to SharedWrap? Otherwise you will be limited by 16 texture samplers, and if you use more textures you will get what you’re currently getting (checker texture, no compile of shaders).

I’m using 8 texture samplers, so i think that is not the problem, but, about the SharedWrap, i dind’t change anything, is default in all textures “From texture asset”, i just changed it and now is working, yeah!

So, if i want to merge things, i need to put the sampler source “Shared: Wrap” always?

And another thinh, maybe you can help me, why i can paint just 3 mats in landscape? if i paint 4, i see checkers texture again

AFAIK you can always use SharedWrap for all texture samplers, its just not the default to not break existing materials.

The amount of layers you have shouldn’t make a difference there. If you use material functions for landscape layers, then also make sure their texture samplers are set to shared wrap (I always make a new material function per landscape layer, to keep to material graph cleaner and make it easier to reuse, e. g. I might want to use a grass layer in some other landscape material as well). And if it is just showing 8 samplers used at the bottom of the material graph, then you could find where the others are being used (some will be used up under the hood but not that many) and set those to shared wrap as well. Also AFAIK there was a time where mobile devices where limited to 3 landscape layers.

Okay, thanks chrudimer for the help and for your time! :slight_smile: i gonna try the things you told me