No Transparent Reflections using SceneCapture

Hi there,

I am currently experimenting with using a SceneCapture to create an effect similar to that found in ‘Portal’ where the player sees a small exterior but the door leads to a large interior. I currently have a SceneCapture2D rendering to a texture which is used in a material with screen aligned UVs, as seen in my screenshots. The mesh is a simple 5 sided cabinet.

Currently, the SceneCapture does not render any reflections on transparent materials such as the ocean material used in the scene, and it appears as black. Interestingly, disabling the “Capture Every Frame” property gives us the Skylight reflection, however still no screen space reflections (see the red cube). All show flags are enabled on the SceneCapture.

The reflective translucent material in question is a water material using Surface PerPixel lighting mode, although Surface TranslucencyVolume also does not work with the SceneCapture. When Screen Space Reflections are disabled in the material (under Translucency), the reflections are rendered properly. The scene is lit with a movable Directional Light and a movable SkyLight.

Is there anything I can do to get reflections to render? If not, consider this a feature request :).