No static Lighting on Dynamic objects on Mobile Workaround and Translucency


While working on a mobile title i discovered a documented limitation on skylights.
Dynamic objects cannot be lit by it.

Usually at this time i would get frustrated and curse at the moon.
But im a bit tired of working on this title now. Its been 1 week and 3 days now. Way too long imo.

So i came up with a quick solution.
Simple take your materials, multiply them by a grey of 0.75 or what value best suits your needs.

I also tried posting a bug regarding tranclucent materials not rendering if no light are on them on mobile.
However there seems to be some issue and answerhub throws errors.

As i explained there.
Add emissive to your material to get it to draw if its in a shadow area. Otherwise it wont render at all. Enjoy