No skylight lighting in packaged builds (windows)

We no longer receive skylight lighting in a packaged build (Windows 64- & 32-bit). We do get the skylight lighting in PIE mode. It also worked normally earlier today…

This is how it looks:

PIE mode:
Packaged build: Dropbox - Screenshot 2016-06-16 23.52.27.png - Simplify your life

Does anybody know how to fix this? We kinda really need a build very soon o.O

Thank you very much!

Hey MartijnDijksen,

What changes did you make to the project before it broke and you repackaged?

More specifically, did you change anything that deals with lighting or rendering?

Be sure you are fully rebuilding your scene by pressing the ‘Build All’ button in the toolbar as well.


I managed to fix the issues by reverting to an earlier version of the persistent level. Someone must have changed something to the skysphere or skylight.