No radiosity or light bouncing

I was looking at [documentation][3] and I found the engine does include radiosity/light bouncing. There’s a nice example with a red cloth illuminating [a room in red (imagelink) ][4]. I tried to create a similar effect but I got nowhere really. Is there some sort of radiosity setting I am missing from somewhere in my scene? I’m using the default example map to build. The material on the floor is “demowall” (from the content examples) and the one on the cube is “basicwall” with the base color shifted to red.

Did you build the lights? That documentation is on Lightmass - static lighting, so you need to build lighting in order to see the light bounce.

Yes I built the lights at all the quality levels.

When you rebuild with lightmass you should be getting bounce lighting.

It looks like there is actually a subtle amount of red bounce light hitting the floor in your second image. It is more obvious if you scroll down the window so that the actual red cube itself is not visible.

You could try selecting your directional light and increasing the indirectlightingscale and/or saturation. Also you may want to reduce the intensity of the EnvironmentColor or AmbientCubemap since it could be washing out the bounce lighting by adding the opposite color.

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I’ve built all the lights and there’s still no radiosity. See for yourself in this example project I created right now (it shoulde be up in a couple of minutes dropbox is slow today) :

Just to make sure, do you have a lightmass importance volume in the scene?

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did you try jacking up the indirectlighting scale and turning down the blue skylight?

It’s the barebones example map and I just added red cubes. It does have a lightmass importance volume. I set the floor to a matt color and packaged it in the above zip file.

Where is the indirectlighting scale? I have found the indirect lighting intensity and saturation in the directional light properties.

In the lightmass importance volume I can’t find anything like that.

In the world settings I found indirect smoothness, quality and occlusion fraction and number of bounces.

I meant the indirect lighting intensity option that you found in the light properties.