No More Light (Alien Invasion Apocalypse)

The World of No More Light

The main purpose of the game is to show the classic, fan favourite alien invasion in America. The enormous world of No More Light will bring the long awaited but until now avoided Apocalypse .Which won’t just be dark and scary but will also hold vast areas filled with exciting adventures and unparalleled horrors. As mentioned, there will be a lot of explorable maps for you to conqure but be ware! Every corner hides a new challange where sometimes your best option will be to flee, unless if you are dedicated enough to finish the task.You can conquer anything and everything. Well almost everything…


In this tale you will be playing as a cultist, an alien worshipper whos hometown was the first city that was invaded. You lost everything and everyone you ever cared for, even your own faith.As one might except our protagonist dedicated his whole life for the study of the „visitors”. So when they finaly arrived and massacared his family, friends and everyone he cared for, his world shattered. It is not every day that your faith destroys your whole life so now our hero must find a new purpose. But in this new reality filled with horros and monsters no one can stay the same.


First and foremost your main purpose is to survive .Arm up and venture out for food and supplies. Search for the truth behind the invasion! Is there a reason why did they come here? And why now? Learn and Improve yourself, help others if you like, or rob them. The decision is yours. Will you become a hero or will you fall to madness. But be warned, every decision has consequences.

Enviroment/ Atmosphere

While you are out exploring the vast regions of America, you will discover many uniqure enviroment. Not only the aliens but the weather too will challange the players. Be it an overgrow swamp, a wider field or a destroyed city, the invader’s biomass is there. The rich wildlife is nowhere to be found anymore. The infestation is every where, the danger is immenet.and if you don’t stop it it will grow even further.


The only constant in this world is danger. While you are fighting aliens you have to fight the weather too. The supplies are also limited so do not waste them or you have to go look for them again. Save the survivors! Every extra hand matters. You don’t know when will they save you, as even a small mistake on your part can lead to death out there. As you proggress you will make decision that will effect not just your enviroment but yourself too. Your body and your mind. Especially your mind.

Safe Zone

The Bunker is your safe house, your shelter. This is where you can rest, sleep and replenish your supplies after an exploration. Also you can communicate with other survivals and trade with some unexpected visitor. On the top of that this is the place you have to defend from the aliens.
This is also your revive point if you would die. Don’t worry you can enlist surviors to help defend and improve it. They will be ones you who will protect it while you are out.

Weapons and supplies

During the game you will be able to collect various weapons that will help you along the way. From the classic handguns to more unique pieces( for example: flamethrower. auto shotguns and granade lunchers) and even some alien tech too.The supplies you found could be the key to your survival, be it as a generator or a battery, but you can always sell them.


The aliens took control over the weather and they are causing storms and other hazardous weather. You will have to retake the H.A.A.R.P. facilities to clear the skies.But this won’t be easy as first you must secure generator areas which are proteted by the more vicious aliens. After you restore the power you can except more challenging foes coming your way.


One of the main element of the game is the helping of the remaining survivors. Which will prove to be quite difficult given their situation. Not only you have to find them, save them form the danger but escort them back to the main bunker. Doing this while you are under attack.
Good luck!


Missions will have key roles to the game, the main missions will be the most difficult ones. where the sides will give the players more room to improve and explore.You can even expect hidden, special missions that will reward the most interesting treasures. It can also lead to legendary items or in some cases you can find yourself at the mercy of others. Each mission will give a certain amount of karma points which can also unlock new missions. The tone of the game will also be affected by your choices.


The characters skills will be upgradeable, you can get skill points by eliminating certain aliens. On the top of that you will have unique abilities which will make you an even opponent against the invaders. Inmagine what if you can become one of the aliens. Or what if you could turn them against each other. Use their weapons.It all depends on you

Platform : PC (Soon Xbox or Playstation)
Client : Steam , Epic Games Store
Release Date : 2023-24
Type : Singleplayer (First version of alpha Survival mode),Beta version get Story Mod…
Multiplayer ?? It is planned
Genre: Open World, Survival,Sandbox
Cost of Game: 35€

  • I started to work on this project for a little over 2 years now, without any knowledge in game developement whatsoever. Since then the game started to form up, and so did our little team.
    Our goal is to create an unique survival experience for every post-apocalyptic fan gamers out there. Quality is top priority for us, and we have passed many milestones already.
    We hope that we can win MegaGrants which we applied for, since there is no funding behind us at the moment and that would help a lot to finish our game as soon as possible.
    Greetings from our small Indie team, from Hungary.I hope you like our project :slight_smile:

More Screenshots & Videos :

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Looking good.

Very creepy! I like it! The game also sounds very challenging!

Looks freaking awesome! Like the concept, will have to see how it plays out. Video was a nice little view, detail looks on point! Keep it up!

Hi @Parazso . Now this is my kind of game! I’m burned out on the Zombie Apocalypse theme and have been working towards an Alien Invasion | Kaiju Survival Terror [pre Apocalypse: Real-time destruction/deterioration]. The Alien theme opens up so many other possibilities. The concept, atmosphere (in demo video), design goals are all awesome. I’m only sadden there is no multiplayer. No matter, keep up the amazing work!

Added New Screenshots and frst Dev Diary Video is Out :slight_smile:


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Looks like stalker with some alien stuff.


Hey Parazso,

I adore absolutely every piece of your project. The world is beautiful but dark, vibrant but decayed and truly visually distinct and charming.

Can’t wait to see more :slight_smile:

Some New Screenshots!

WOW, these screenshots look absolutely amazing! I’m a new fan here, and “No More Light” seems very promising as an open-world survival horror! Kudos to you and your team for the terrific job done so far, and I look forward to seeing future updates. :grin:

This looks so cool…wow love it!! Another new fan here. Will be following this thread. :smile:

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New design new Screenshots!


Alpha Trailer !


The weather effects are insanely cool but the alien design is next-gen. Can definitely see myself running and fearing anything that moves :joy:

This has most definitely been added to my wishlist!


I am so ready to be jump scared while playing “No More Light.” :laughing:

This alpha trailer footage was insane! Thanks to @PresumptivePanda, I now know and have added “No More Light” to my wishlist too! :star_struck:


Such a cool and unique game, looks incredible! Really love the art style and the attention to detail in the environment!


Greetings Survivors! Take a sneak peek at this crashed airplane that we recently added to the world. You might notice it has seen better days, the weather and the biomass have left a permanent mark. However, the cargo it holds is still intact and waiting for you to find. But beware, others are looking for it as well. Explore at your own risk!