No collision on character blueprint

There’s no collision on a skeletal mesh or static mesh in the character actor, I think the problem is because of the CharacterMovement component has anyone have a solution?

What have you got as the root of the actor?

The default collision capsule

A collision capsule

Hi, what do you need collision for? For movement it will only ever use the collision of the capsule and will ignore everything else. Stuff like linetraces should still hit the additional collisions you have in the character.

I need it to collide with the world’s meshes, landscape, etc…

as you see in the image the helicopter overlapped with the mesh it didn’t hit it, I want the skeletal mesh to collide with the world not the collision capsule

I need it to collides with world like meshes, landscape,etc…

I want the skeletal mesh to collide
with the world not the collision

AFAIK that is not possible with character movement. Depending on what you need you can just scale up the capsule collision to encompass the whole helicopter and then use a collision channel that ignores the capsule for stuff like projectiles so that those will collide with the helicopter and ignore the capsule.

Otherwise you could inherit from pawn, use FloatingPawnMovementComponent and let the skeletal mesh be the root (FloatingPawnMovementComponent will only use the root collision for movement). But then ofc you won’t have smooth replication for the movement.

You should be able to go into the mesh and add convex collision then be sure to add block world static and world dynamic.

Hello FatalBreak,
It’s been too long for replying to you I’m really sorry.

Your solution didn’t work with me, the problem was caused by the collision capsule it’s ignore everything below, even if I set the skeletal mesh to any block collision, simple or complex