No bloom effects if camera is too close to actor

I am following the [C++ video tutorial][1] on how to build a third person game, and I started meddling with the materials.

During the first tests, however, I noted a strange behaviour. If I use the standard third person actor provided by the editor, while in the preview view of the editor the bloom effect given by the emission component of the material is shown:

If I run the game, as you might also notice from the preview box in the bottom-right corner of the preview window, the bloom effects are not shown and all the light seems hevily reduced:

However, if I change the distance and make it large enough, the effects are back in both the preview and in the running game (the second actor has less bloom due to a time-based decay of the emissive component, so it is correct that the lighting behaves that way):

As I have understood that this is a problem due, probably, to a saturation of the exposure of the camera I wanted to understand how do I compute the right distance and how do I set the camera to be more permissive in order to have it closer to the actor while still showing all the lighting effects.

Thanks for your help people!