Niagara-powered Hair, Fur, Tentacles, Myriapods, Grass, and more

Niagara is going to change the world… and my imagination runs wild at the possibilities of special FX with Hair, Fur, Tentacles, Myriapods, Grass, and more…

if you’re working with Niagara for these types of FX, please share.

Besides the FX applications, I’m toying with using Niagara to serve as the bullet system in a bullet hell shoot-em-up.

What I’m really interested in seeing is how they expose collisions to the rest of the engine. Two days ago, they added the ability to perform collision queries in custom channels, something that was hard coded to WorldStatic in the 4.21 release. Next thing I would want to see is how they expose the results of the collision queries.

As of now, only a few bits of information come out of the collision (location, normal, material friction and restitution). I would like to be able to get the Actor and Component it collided with somehow so I can NotifyHit() on those actors.

Epic heard my plea.…iew/index.html. Thank you Epic!

Very interesting since i’m currently reverting to hair cards.

The performance issue could still be meaningful enough to stick to hair cards from a distance at least…

Either way, the next engine version is as of yet the one I’m most looking forward to…

Epic owns shave and a haircut. Nvidia hairworks is good also. Once u figure out how to get that working

Hay, any chance one of you’s or maybe the epic team them self can provide a groom alembic file?
I want to try seeing what needs to happen to make it a thing in Blender.

Reading from the link you shared, some custom stuff has to be set up. I’m thinking I can alter the exporter as I did for the curves…