Niagara Particle Sprites turns black when looked against the light

Hi everyone, I’ve done a simple Niagara Emitter for some smoke.

The sprites are facing the camera, the texture is an atlas and it uses subuv.
When I put the System into the level, even in the editor ( not only in play ) anytime I turn to look them against the light, the color of the smoke turns black. The alpha still remain good though.
I can really see as I move the view the smoke turning from his original color to black.

In my scene there is a SkySphere with a DirectionalLight. The project doesn’t use raytracing.
I just can’t find a way to make it work. The project is made in 4.26.2

Thank you in advance!

Same issue for me in UE5. Did you ever solve it?

Chances are your material is using default lit volumetric translucency, and you’re feeding your color into the base color input pin of the material.

I had the same issue and your wright.
I have to see the material’s opacity and change Lighting Mode to “Volumetric NonDirectional”
than my smoke color become in any way, including “against the light”

also, “Volumetric PerVertex NonDirectional” gives me the same result but
I cant figure out which is better, or which do I have to use in situation