New object type or new channel type? what's the diff in practice?

I’m creating infrared active objects - the idea being that special objects can attract certain attacks ie: a heat seeking missile. Now I’m a little confused as to whether I should set this up as a new channel type or a new object type? I checked the docs but the benefits of one over the other aren’t clear, other than on a trace check I think I don’t have to filter out actor types by defining a new object type?

Any insight would be helpful thanks!

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I believe the key difference in practice is that trace channels are used for interaction between user and object, where object types are mainly to do with collision between objects in the physics space?

I have personally never found a use for custom object type.

There is a good explanation on the blog, that should be in the documentation imho:


Thanks for the link- that really should be in the documentation! Good read.