New Lyra Update - Release Notes?

I saw there was an update to the Lyra Starter Game on the launcher today, but there’s no information about what changes have been made.

Any chance you could start doing release notes for Lyra?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I think, you can guess only same as how Lyra features works. But good question

Good question, I would also like to know what is changed.

I’ll chime my vote in on this as well. Please post change notes when updating the Lyra starter game.

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Noticed that when I got around to reading the UE5 5.0.2 update notes there was a lot of Lyra project updates and bug fixes mixed in with it. Seems like, for now anyway, that Epic is pushing Lyra update notes in with the engine update notes.

UE5 5.0.2 Hotfix Notes


I think it would be more convenient to have separate information on Lyra updates

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Yes very annoying, EPIC PLEASE upload the project to github immediately, Some of us are actually using it!!!

Please and thank you.


Looks like there’s another new Lyra update today – but no patch notes, so I have no idea what updates I should be looking for to pull into my custom project.

If Lyra is going to be advertised as something that is intended to be a “starter project” that you’re supposed to build on top of, it really needs better support in the area of giving people the option to help find what they should be updating in their own projects, that were built on top of older versions of Lyra.


How would one go about updating their custom lyra project? Just copy over the changed files?

did you just copy over the updated files to your project?

Principally, I try to avoid changing any Lyra files, and build my own custom logic as additional plugins. Then I can just create a new lyra project and copy my content over it.

Designing that in a modular way is a bit of a pain though, if you want to use any lyra content that’s in the main content folder and not already in a plugin

After spending multiple hours downloading and recreating successive CitySample and Lyra projects, I decided to make a python script to generate a sha256 hash of every file in the project and compare them between the two folders.

Turns out that the only file that changed, in both of the last two updates, was Config\DefaultGame.ini

And the only change in that .ini, for CitySample, was the ProjectID (D2D226324FA85168829F4C8F6CBB3500 → 5A2AD75445AB4822D0D840BA9E08EED4)

The epic launcher’s patcher should probably be a bit more intelligent, to not require users to download and regenerate 100GB of tens of thousands of files, to update a line in an .ini file.

Key takeaway for me is it’s probably best to just not take any updates for these projects unless a specific change is called out as having been made

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