Lyra should be put on Github


It cant happen soon enough.

Great news! Let’s hope this happens soon :slight_smile:

good to hear! I hope it happens soon!

Awesome, thank you! I was just about to ask for this myself! :slightly_smiling_face:

Any update on this @SkyeEden ?

I’ve found and fixed several Lyra bugs so far, with several more pending.

At the moment there is no way for me to share these bug fixes with Epic or with other devs trying to use Lyra other than to b/vlog and hope people google the exact keywords that will lead them to the solution.

If Github won’t be used for some reason, then please do give us some other way to submit bug reports and bug fixes.

Please and thank you! :smile:

If its not too much trouble, out of curiosity, what were the bugs you found?

I know someone else online has mentioned the potential unchecked RPC for dash that could be expoited. (no server side checks for dash cooldown issued by the client)

At the moment the bug lists include several unarmed animation bugs, and some “OnReady” type events firing too many times.

And of course the vast majority of the Lyra C++ code base does not seem to be exported and/or lists required data as private without giving any C++ getter/setter. meta=(AllowPrivateAccess=true) is garbage and not a viable solution for extensible code.

Nothing disastrous, pretty easy fixes in fact, but still the kinds of things that would be great to be able to submit back to the official distribution so other people don’t have to find/fix them as well.


I’ve noticed Lyra has received an update recently, since there is no repo, do you guys know of anything like release notes?

it’s really crazy that they decided to release Lyra as a framework and then deploy multiple updates to it without so much as a changelog. I don’t think i’ve ever had a prompt to update something without a changelog in all my years of using a ■■■■ computer.

Yes, see this thread New Lyra Update - Release Notes? - #4 by iZtrahd . a good case and point for a github repo.

I will literally be making one in a few weeks if epic doesn’t. Kind of holding out atm.

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I considered pushing my version of Lyra up to Github. I’ve made about 20 changes to it including a few bug fixes and mostly exporting C++ classes.

The 5.0.2 update didn’t touch much code at all, it was mainly just some useless uasset updates so it was easy to merge.

My concern with posting this myself on Github is that technically Epic owns the code and I’m not sure what their policy is for other people “publishing” it, which is effectively what a public Github repo would do.

Epic, PLEASE PUSH LYRA TO GITHUB. Or give us some guidance on how we can.

Please and thanks.


Upload it and see what happens, someone has to do it

Any update on this?

When Epic says, “I will look into it”, it’s the same as “I’ll just throw it into the trash” It sounds so familiar to me. Basically, Epic treats the community like nullptr and they will never change no matter how much money they make.

If Epic is saying Lyra is a template that serves as the Best Practice, they should at least let us know how to properly patch it, let alone, letting us know what changed.

I do not want to touch any of Lyra BP code as it will cause nightmares to patch later on and dealing with BP freaking frustrating. I think it’s the biggest mistake that they removed ScriptingLanguage from UE4 and gave us BP only instead. It’s 10 years too late to realize that ScriptingLanauge is needed.

I expect once Verse is released, most of Lyra’s BP code is ported to Verse so that patching will not be such a mess and I believe they will at least give us a Verse version if they still want to push it as the Best Practice template.

Oh well, after careful investigations, I just decided to wait until Verse releases. I believe Verse will let me catch things up pretty quickly without having to waste time dealing with BP.

Don’t get me wrong, BP has some purpose, but it’s horrible in many situations.

Any update on this?

Any news on this?

Yes Please you got my Vote

Just FYI to anyone interested in this. I asked on UDN about this and the official word as of 2022-10-01 is this: There is no official word.

Internally there are some folks at Epic who want to do this. They’re trying to make it happen. There are some obstacles they need to overcome. There is no timeline.

In the interim, DO NOT GIVE AWAY THE LYRA SOURCE CODE by putting it in a public Github repository. You can put it in a private repo that only you and your team can access, but DO NOT MAKE THE CODE PUBLIC.

Epic owns the Lyra code. They license it to us via the UE5 license that we all agreed to. You wouldn’t publish the UE5 Engine code would you? (Answer: No). So don’t publish the Lyra code either.

Hopefully Epic will make some progress on this before too much longer.


I believe Verse is long way from coming to main UE5 branch, moreover Lyra remade with it. It’d rather be sth much simpler in scope as a example usage.
Most of observes see it released initially as part of UEFN - custom standalone Unreal Engine editor for Fortnite, commonly known as Creative 2.0. Probably limited to Fortnite API exposed via it without much ability to tinker with Verse itself beyond scripting runtime behaviour for Fortnite.

Alas, there are hints that later Verse in UE5 might happen. Tim mentioned during UEFN reveal stream in 2021 that “everything Fortnite eventually ends in UE” and Epic is hiring for position like this: Senior Visual Language Programmer