New Google Cardboard SDK

Last month, Google released their new Cardboard SDK for Android. Are there any plans of integrating this into UE4? I was surprised that this wasn’t on the Trello page to be voted on, unless I just missed it.

yeah, I’m also curious about the plan of this. Is there a way to promote such features to Epic?

I as well would like to know if there are any plans of integration.

Epic, would you care answering this question? I would like to know too

I am also interested with an answer from epic. :slight_smile:


It’s seems that if you want to do Google cardboard you have to use Unity3D, there are few plug-ins. Doesn’t looks like UE4 will have production ready support for this soon …it’s a pity, will have to use Unity3d ( not again =((( )

While ago there was a post from Epic Staff:

No info about this I believe since then… Google Cardboard has wider audience, since its much cheaper to get cardboard then Oculus Rift for example (or for some even GearVR), so its an interesting area. I don’t know if it is possible to in some way use GearVR build for cardboard? I just hope they haven’t dropped it out since they started working with Samsung for GearVR.

Since Gear VR is already (Sort of Working) I don’t see why it would be any different to implement a rough integration of cardboard. I could Imagine that someone could look at the gear vr stuff, remove the reliance on the accelerator/gyro in the headset, and just use the ones that come with the phones. The somewhat tricky part would be the Hall Sensor implementation to the cardboard, since that’s platform specific.

Any news on official google/cardboard VR support? I was a bit surprised that it was so off the cards in the recent VR stream, given it reaches such a wide audience with it’s low price.

Hi all,

I think is worth resuming this old thread because i really believe there are many people that is still waiting for an answer!

This was the one question I forgot to ask for the recent VR Twitch stream. I really wish id remembered this. :frowning:

has anyone heard anything back regarding this topic?

Ping! Trying to keep this topic alive because I’m really interested in :slight_smile:

Really interested in this too. The Gear VR SDK wouldn’t work for cardboard, right?

+1 for me as well

+1… waiting

+1 for me too

yeah i would love to see it…I bought the cardboard kit for 12 bucks and was pretty impressed, works great with a HD device, although ue4 would be pretty laggy on any device that isn’t a tegra, it would be a nice to see as a plugin for 4.8

I’m really curious about this as well. It’s actually becoming viable business for ArchViz and more.
Easily and cheaply distributable with a pamphlet etc. We are looking into making our project support GearVR and Cardboard SDK both. Currently only Unity offers it.

Another vote from me. I’m currently forced to use Unity because we want to support both Gear VR and Cardboard for an upcoming project.