New Google Cardboard SDK

+1 for me too

Another +1

I want this too!

And it seems like the simpleHMD plugin is working better in 48. It can now render stereo and can track my head when looking left and right. It still needs a lot of work though. But in 476 this plugin was utterly useless, at least in my case.

I need very much :slight_smile:

Could someone link to the simpleHMD plugin btw? Thanks.

+1 from me too

please integrate cardboard EU4 . On cardboard you can use the smarthphones compatibility with Leap Motion , and the gear used vr galaxy s4 and s6, and is not compatible with the Leap Motion . Leap Motion + vr + EU4 would be great , it may be possible to smartphones with snapdragons. Agree with google to give them the android sdk Cardboard well as they did with Gear vr. I develop video games for mobile devices and I would like to apply to vr for mobile. Gear vr niche with its kit is exclusive only for users of the S4 and S6

SimpleHMD is integrated I believe. Just click Windows(top top menu, along with file, edit, etc) and in the dropdown choose Plugins. You’ll find it.

Yes, its included, just not turned on by default. Thanks : )

This would especially be ideal for the coming Develop Brighton Conference.

@EpicGames Any ETA for #cardboardSDK ???

  • wondering with respect to planning for #bigDataVR Challenge . …

Epic would be fools to not do this! :eek:

But fo’ reals. I just pretty much think that if Android can make their systems decently powered (which there are some great high end devices) and some decent cardboard companies come out(which we’re seeing), Cardboard might be the go to virtual reality headset for people who don’t really care much about heavy gaming.


I could easily modify my games scheme to match Cardboards look+trigger, look+wait, head nodding control scheme… Cardboard is cool, wide spread and spreads wider every day - good quality content will sell!

Do you really think, we won’t make enough profit with Cardboard for you to justify your expenses Epic? So little that it is even the communication strategy of choice to keep dead quiet about the whole topic for so long? You could at least tell us that it won’t happen, or will be delayed because of SteamVR implementation or anything. We only want to know what we can expect.

@virtuellerealitaet: Nice job! But full support would also mean supporting all the parameters (like distortion) for different Phone/Cardboard sets, do you support that?

Have you guys actually used Cardboard? It’s a terrible product right now, it guarantees a horrible, nauseating, terrible VR experience. Once Google fixes the Android sensor stack and rendering pipeline to allow it to perform at GearVR levels it should be OK, but right now Cardboard is basically poison to the VR community

Mh I liked cardboard so far =)

It runs ok and many who are not willing to buy the real VR Equipment Q4 2015 and Q1 2016 will probably buy some of the better Cardboard apps to have their share of that VR fun everybody will be talking about.

But on the other hand, after all that developing and gaming I am almost immune to motion sickness, maybe Cardboard is not the best entry for everybody… Nevertheless, if there is another platform to release to, I want it :slight_smile: Not every app will make it into the Gear VR Store because of personal taste or marketing decision at Oculus or Samsung. So there is at least a fallback for some ideas.

Have you actually used Cardboard? I have the XinGear Headset and a Nexus 6. I haven’t experienced any of this “terrible” experience you’re talking about and I find I actually get better performance, less latency, and better visuals (thanks to the 2k screen obviously) than i do on my DK2. Cardboard obviously won’t run the same on all phones, and it’s to be expected, but I’ve had a flawless experience so far. I’m hands down looking to swap my efforts to Cardboard for the forseeable future, and mostly because not EVERYONE has a Samsung phone.

I think you may have had a bad experience with Cardboard.

From a markets are standpoint, Cardboard trumps the rest and probably will going forward.

IMO, VR is here to stay, even with the bad VR headsets. I don’t think they’re a threat to VRs success.

From a purist point of view, I agree, other platforms have better offerings. But as an entry level device, how can you argue with it?

+1 for me too.

+1 here too. Not everyone will invest in an expensive vr set, but virtually everyone will have a “powerful smartphone” in the next five years in Europe and the USA, even if said powerful smartphone is the 4-year-old phone of cousin Tom…
I’d rather make games for hundreds of millions of Cardboard users than for hundreds of thousands of hardcore gamers, who anyway probably dont care about the type of games I make.

This would be a very interesting and useful option to have.

Developing on unity cause no UE4 support for cardboad and I prefer UE4.