Network simulation causes game abort

Hello all. I’m trying to simulate a two player game and spawn a weapon for each Character. The weapons are actors. The game runs fine with one player, but whenever I try to create more than one player I get the following abort message and failed assert.

[2016.02.23-12.27.36:663][ 47]LogNet: Join request: /Game/Maps/FirstPersonExampleMap?SplitscreenCount=1
[2016.02.23-12.27.36:666][ 47]LogOutputDevice:Warning: 

Script Stack:

Assertion failed: !bHasBeenInitialized [File:/Users/build/BuildFarm/build_++depot+UE4-Releases+4.10/Engine/Source/Runtime/Engine/Private/Components/ActorComponent.cpp] [Line: 625]

One additional bit of info is that when i comment out the body for the constructor for the weapon the weapon mesh do not spawn, but the game does not abort. So, any ideas on what my issue could be/how to solve it?

Any help appreciated!!