Network Client Rotation Bug? (Turn off all movement replication?)

I have two characters being spawned and have the following code in the characters Tick():

FRotator NewRotation = GetActorRotation();
NewRotation.Yaw += 360 * DeltaSeconds;

This code simply rotates the character 360 degrees per second. The Server see’s both characters rotating at 360* per second, the Client see’s the servers character rotating at 360* per second but the clients character rotates much slower, perhaps at 180* per second. The client also occasionally jitters. I assume that some sort of replication is still happening behind the scenes?

I have turned off all network replication including movement replication. No other code changes the rotation of the character.

My intention is to remove all movement replication and replace it with my own movement replication but this seems disappointingly impossible at this point, unless I am mistaken, and this is a huge restriction on my project. Does anyone know if this will be fixed or is possible?

+1. Also interested in this. In my case, I don’t intend to completely turn off movement replication but I want to handle the rotation on the clients.