Need to be able to edit old posts

The first post in a thread was where I kept all the up to date information on my product. A lot of people did that. Now I can’t edit it on the new forum. Really need to be able to edit it again.


Is one of my old threads closed? I can’t reply to it. MMO Starter Kit
Really need to be able to continue posting in it.

Same here. I checked out some of my development threads, and want to fix those that are no longer displaying inline images properly… but there’s no Edit capability on existing posts.


Same here. We commonly use a dedicated forum thread/topic to give support to customers, and we keep the first post always up-to-date with latest info. Having the option to edit them is crucial to provide proper customer service.

Yes, that’s a big problem. I cannot edit a post in the Marketplace thread.

Hey all, while we’re working the right configuration in the backend, I’ve upgraded you all individually which should let you edit your posts. Would you let me know if it’s working?

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Works for me, thanks!

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Hi Amanda, could you please also let me edit my posts in my support threads of my Marketplace assets? These threads has links to posts which contain the change logs of the assets. These links stopped working after the forum overhaul and I need to be able to edit them to fix them…

Thank you!

Just as a reference, these are the threads I’m referring to:

Done! :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ve just successfully edited my threads!

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