Need help with in-game purchases using Unreal 4 blueprints

I’m currently in development using Unreal 4 for an Oculus VR project. I’d like to incorporate in-game purchases to “unlock” various areas of a level/map & access to certain things. For example use a blocking volume to prompt the player to pay admission, once admission has successfully been paid & the in-game purchase is confirmed, remove blocking volume & allow player to access the new area of the map.

Since Unreal 4 now uses blueprints, does anyone have any threads they could point me towards or documentation on using blueprints to create in-game purchases (for the Oculus marketplace in particular)?

I can’t seem to find any documentation on in game Purchases I would also like to know if this is possible and if the functionality is accessible through blueprints?

I guess you might want to start with database connections. At the end of the day most people will need to buy extensions offline (unless you work with something like Steam or app stores).

Hey Guys,

We do have blueprint In-App functionality added, but it’s only implemented so far for IOS and Android. For those platforms, we’d use something like this:

We havent got any plans yet for other platforms, but this is something Ill add to our todo list.


Thank you ! yea if you can do it for other platforms, I would really like to see a generic paypal purchase something along those lines, amazon would be a big one, definitely the UE4 Marketplace etc…I look forward to seeing development on this I will be looking around on trello & if you could share any new dev on this with me hit me up, Thanks again !


The blueprint api for this has changed a bit in 4.6. Can you show how to utilize the ‘In App Purchase Callback Proxy Reference’ return value from the following Blueprint functions?

hi jdannenbring :slight_smile:

That documentation is wrong. The above image is the way to go.
I’ve added a further screen below to show you how you can use the return information from the IAP :slight_smile:


Hi. Sorry for NecroPosting. Can I have further information? “Handle in App Purchase” is no longer available, i think it’s deprecated.
Any example of a working in app purchase?

Those are simply functions that control what happens if the purchase is successful or not

mmm is there any documentation or tutorial somewhere?

Well I’m not sure but basically say you wanted to add 100 coins when then complete the purchase, you would just put the nodes that add the coins to the players coin variable off of the onSuccess pin, you can also have the game give the player some sort of message that the coins were added, maybe a nice animation as well

when you ask for a tutorial or a guide, you get linked here. Can you please take a moment to make at least a simple stubbed out wiki or something? or maybe a sample project?

If I call request in read app purchase request - success is returned IF i have purchased it? Will this code work correctly if I don’t publish through the app store? (production build deployed directly to my device)

From what I’ve read - I’m starting to get that idea that I am supposed to use a save game boolean or something to track in app purchases?

this is what im doing now to verify my in app purchases but it doesn’t seem to be working (when i deploy a production build to my device with the bat file) - payments go through but my read payments always come out false

hey, every thing i test fail, when i use “Make an In-App purchase” node, a google play window pop up with an error “Authentication required” :o what i am doing wrong? any idea why? :o

You need to have a test account and test device. The main Google Developer Console owner/admin isn’t allowed to test iAP’s you need a 2nd device where the main/default user is one of your test accounts (hope i make sece)

The read iap node doesn’t seem functional at the moment so indeed it doesn’t work at all (have tried many things myself). There’s no way to give back iAP’s to users that let’s say switch to a different device and as far as I know it’s mandatory to have a option to give back iAP’s previously bought by a user (none consumables)

Thanks a lot guys!

Hello, instead of handle in-app purchase, which is no longer available, is there anything else we should use? or just use the nodes we want to “on success”?

scribble scribble nevermind

I was told that UE4 was the best engine to develop games on all platforms. In-App purchases is a huge thing on Android as most apps are free. Surely this is a priority for UE4 developers?

This is a bit of an old thread! :slight_smile:

Since then, Unreal have released a Match 3 game for you to look through. Give the code-base a look and you can see how they have implemented it. Check out the Livestream, where they also discuss this in more depth.