Need help. Limited range for PostProcessing materials

Greetings everyone,
I have encountered a problem which I’m unable to solve by myself. What has happened is that I cannot find any means to use a postprocess material as a real global shader. For now it has some kind of a limited range, which is visible through a line present at my screenshot. If any of you knows how to make this material to affect the whole level, not just some distance from camera I would be very thankful for any help provided! :smiley:

Post process is applied to the frame, and so is always global. I don’t see any regions of difference in your pic, what am I missing?

Can you post to PP material?

Here’s the material. I hope it’s readable enough. The line coming from the bottom is only a line shader, because it’s made from a toon shader tutorial.

I mean this line, visible on the grass. It flows along with the camera, behaving like a culling range or something. I set it to unlimited, and I’m not aware of other options making impact on this kind of shader.

Hi, from looking at your material you have at least two ifs (the last two) where you may just use the SceneColor, so where you do not “apply” anything. And its both times linked to your SceneDepth (distance of pixel from the camera), so you may look closer at that (e. g. just use plain Black color instead of Scene Color to better see where you currently just use SceneColor and where you “apply” your post process effect).

Thank you! That was indeed the case. Because scene depth at further distances reacts in a way I don’t understand yet, it was limiting the range of my postprocess. Now it’s resolved! Thank you again :smiley: