[need help] how to fix the light under walls?

this is bad Lightmap ? i tryed put lightmap resolution high ar 512 but dint fix the problem, half of my walls have this issue

Make sure that your floor doesn’t extend beyond the walls

I have a similar problem using a BSP Cube. Light leaks in along ALL of the seams, it’s really odd and makes no sense.

Again, make sure that no walls/floors/ceilings extend beyond the edges, since those parts can be illuminated and the lighting can then extend inside. Also, for a building make sure you have exterior walls as well, don’t just use a double-sided wall, it needs to have thickness.

I’m using a hollow cube with 10 unit (or whatever) thick walls for my main menu and it still does that. There’s no separation at all since it’s a BSP cube.

Did you snap your walls to the grid or the groundplane. If it is off grid that could cause a gap that is tiny that under backlighting would still bloom through. In that case it would not explain the band that goes around the entire right edge. Along with what darthviper107 said what are the dimensions of your floor? is it thick as well or is it just a plane?

Also is this with built lighting or simply in editor?

Also why are you getting that strange shadow under the window? I know it is not the problem but I wonder if it is not somehow linked. Just a thought

Keep us posted.