NavMesh too far from border

As you can see in my screenshot, the Navmesh generates too far away from the border.
I’ve been playing with agent size and Navmodifiers (in the towers) so that they go in a straight line in the middle of the tiles. This part works, but the Navigation mesh stops too from the borders.

Nav agent size is 450, the Navmodifiers in the towers encompass the size of the tile (500).
Why won’t the navmesh fill the space near the borders?
My alternative would be to add another tile that would act as a border, but I’d rather avoid that.
I’ve been trying all the settings I can in the RecastNavMesh.

Cell Size of less than and including 3 gives the desired result. Cell size of 4 makes it look like what you see in the first image. It’s a work around but it makes navmesh creation pretty slow, and even putting a new tower means that recalculating the mesh takes a while again.

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