Navmesh or Navmesh invokers + A few navmesh questions

Hi all!
I am working on a game which has an academy with different buildins, interios, classes… and a landscape so the player can explore the outside.
The landscape is not very large.

I am wondering what’s best in terms of using navmesh. Right now I am convering both the landscape and the academy with a single navmesh of 700 x 450 x 50.

I am trying to figure out if I should use navmesh invokers to generate the calculations at runtime or I can leave the navmesh as it is now.

I am aiming to launch the game in PC and Consoles so I want to make the best decicion taking into account the game should run on low and hight spec hardware.

A few thoughts about navmesh:

  • I have setup Level Streaming Volumen to divide the academy in “chunks” and load and unlaod levels.
    Should I divide my current navmesh into chunks as well and place each section on the corresponding level, or should I keep my current navmesh?

  • I heard that one option is to place the navmesh on the persistent level, to prevent problems with AI

Any thoughs and help about navmesh I would appreciate it.