Navmesh limits? (not covering large maps)

I apologize if this is the incorrect forum, but I wasn’t perfectly sure which one would fit the best.

I’m using 4.9

I’m having issues with navigational meshes. My map is rather large, and it’s not exactly square shaped so I use multiple nav mesh bound volumes to cover my whole map. Crude drawing to explain.

this is the usual number (160k-180k) that pops up when I start building the navigation mesh.

However I’m running into some issues.

The first problem I’m running into is some nav bounds not filling up at all. When the building counter has reached 0, sometimes bounds will still look unfinished/unfilled like this, does that happen when my nav meshes are too large or something? Here’s another example.The second one is a minor issue. It doesn’t really affect me negatively in any way, but I’m still a bit curious. The nav mesh sometimes starts generating outside the bounds I’ve set as can be seen here. The only nearby nav bounds are selected, yet the nav mesh starts outside of it.

Am I doing something terribly wrong here?

Would it be better to use a single, large nav mesh bound which would cover a lot of un-required areas? perhaps there is some way to mark the irrelevant areas out of the building process?

Everything works aside from my “nav mesh bound volumes” not filling up during/after building, so my whole level is never fully covered.

Another problem is some random areas outside of any nav mesh bound gets the nav mesh generated on it. (this is a minor issue, I think?)

Any tips or help is greatly appreciated.

edit: regarding issue 1: I’ve tested with AI, the navmesh not filling out the volumes is not a visual artifact. The ai doesn’t detect anything either when it spawns/is put in the non-filled areas.

for big maps use generate navigation only around invoker, this will make it so you don’t need to generate a nav mesh for movement for spawning it might give you issues but you can use either spawn points or something similar,if you want to use it it’s in the navigation system in your project settings

Isn’t that a more expenive feature at run time instead of pre-building it? Perhaps it’s okay… I’ll give it a try. Thanks.

I think I figured out the problem. There’s a option called “Tile number hard limit”, in the Project settings. I guess I’m hitting that. It’s set to “1048576” currently but after reading the infobox for that option, I guess simply bumping that number up might not be such a good idea. I guess using volume bounds + nav modifiers + generating dynamic nav only around the invoker is the proper solution for large maps.

However @Velocityx says:

Could you (or someone else) clarify a bit on “issues” and I’m not sure what he means by using spawn points or something similar. Spawn points for what exactly? I’m using target points to spawn my ais at the beginning of the game. Would that count as a spawn point in this context? I’m a little bit confused :confused:

edit: Okay, I think some of the issues is getting the ai to navigate to a point outside the dynamically generated nav mesh.