Navmesh cracks in irregular geometry such as hills

We are building the NPCs in our game to use the nav mesh for navigation. However, they frequently get stuck on the cracks of navmesh in our level, which largely comprises of hilly and irregular elevation.

Is there any variables or settings we should look into to make sure the navmesh is painted properly with no cracks in them so that the AI could navigate smoothly? For example, is there a setting to know if certain angles or landscape tessellation is illegal for good navmesh generation? Let us know!

In fact, someone else posted this question as well, but it wasn’t answered. :slight_smile:

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Hey, I was having the same problem too and after a few tests in the settings I think i have a solution:

In the Recast NavMesh, under the Generation Settings, there is an advanced setting in the drop down portion called Region Partitioning and Layer Partitioning. I changed the default setting to Chunky Monotone on both settings and it eliminated 99% of my NavMesh cracks. Try giving this a shot.