NavMesh Always rebuild on level streaming?

Hello Master’s, I have a problem with generate navmesh with level streaming…
So, basicly it always rebuild all navmesh whenever new level loaded. they also rebuild for the old level, not just for the new level.

The problem is, its need time to rebuild all navmesh and make AI Creature cannot move waiting for navmesh.


-I’am put NavMesh Bound Volume for each level stream

-I’am use Dynamic Runtime Generation

Need TIPS to use NavMesh Bound Volume Properly to make NavMesh build just for new stream level

Warm Regards



If you use runtime generation for a navmesh it will be better to put single navmesh bounds volume in the persistent level. But it should cover all gameplay area, so when sub-level is streamed in or out it will regenerate only changed part of the navmesh .

Thx for the answer, yes it works…

But maybe because my loaded level is big, makes navmesh generation is running slow…

I’am also try use stream static navmesh that you post on this forum link:
Unreal Forum but is not works for me