Navigation not working as expected

Hello there! So, main problem for me, the navigation can’t handle big vertical levels. I am building game with procedural generation, and levels is growing downwards. There is no chance to move location with static character at zero.

So, here what i have tried, and what i get:

  • I maded navigation volume smaller at X and Y(smthng like 25x25 scale) and Z is 1000 and move to some -Z to make sure that it starts from top and goes down, where level will be generated. In this case navigation stops generating. Tweaking navmesh settings gives nothing. Only collapsing Z scale to 250-300 or smaller makes navmesh generation work again.
  • Then i have tried to use navigation invokers. Goes through few tutorials, done everything, and invokers is not working. Navigation is building like there is no invokers at all.
  • Also, tried to make small nav volume and move it every time to NPC. This seems working, but, i have some amount of NPCs and this will cause same quantity of nav volumes, so this looks not right, and this is not what i have expected from simple navigation system.

And last one, navigation builds each time differently with same settings. Can’t figure out why.