Navigation mesh not working

HI I am learning how to work with navigation mesh, I have created the mesh , but when i press the P button , my floor does not turn green, ( please see attached image).
Please help.

Hi, did you check the floor is included in the navmeshbound volume yet?

Or did the floor has its collision?

yes, I make the mesh at z=0 and size 200 200 15

how to check the floor colision property, I cannot find the floor and any property wndow

@anonymous_user_bb684bb8 Hi, you have to create a plane or cube mesh to be a floor first…
if you didn’t use the template file.

Thank you very much, I will start a new project with a template.


sorry I didn’t see your second post…
there’re many ways you can use to check the collision in the map:

  1. switch to player collision view mode:

  2. show collision and navigation at the same time:

  3. open up the floor’s mesh editor then show the simple collision: