Nav mesh not detecting AI Capsule, Affect navigation check, dynamic nav mesh

been trying to make ai capsules dynamic nav mesh object, to avoid ai getting stuck while moving to something, Agent radius and height set up, nav mesh works great, but it doesnt rebuild to track dynamic objects, what am I missing here?

Nav mesh is rebuilding , but if object is a lil higher it will not rebuild

simulation doesnt rebuild

Im thinking it has to be a height issue, as only the TIP of the capsule touches the nav mesh, collision resons, but on the viewport, if I move the capsule to the middle it does get detected, I will be messing around with height but nothing seems to work, any suggestions?

there seems to be a capsule limit ratio, for example, capsule radius 5, height 8, and up , works great, but if height is less than 7 it stops working, no matter settings on nav mesh or nav system, even if height is set to 1 , if capsule height is less than 8 it will not work, anyways is working now.