Nav Mesh Jump Link Automatic


I’m trying to create an automatic way to create nav link.

My current code sits at the very end of void FRecastTileGenerator::GatherGeometry, gets all the polys, then get all the vertices, and then do some simple checks to validate if they are a valid pair.

It kind of work.

If I just re-trigger the nav mesh generation, everything is perfect, links are created and in the proper place.
But if I move an object, it seems that I use the old nav mesh to generate the links, so if I do a very small move, it looks like it works but everything has a “small” offset. And if I make a big move, no link are created since there was no vertices there before.

When I noticed that I tried creating the link inside FRecastTileGenerator::GenerateNavigationData but with no success.

Is there a better place / better way to do what I need to do where I would have the full data of the full and newly generated nav mesh ?



I’m interested! would you mind share some details?

Not quite the same thing, but I made my own version of this and wanted to share ( after visiting this and many other threads, searching how to do this ).

I ended up with a manual button that needs to be pressed in the editor, which kind of sucks ( will continue to hunt for how to best hook this in for auto-generation ), but it generates the nav mesh links, and my world content author is very excited to not have to do them manually :slight_smile: (we have fairly large worlds, which can have ~1000-2000 links generated in it )

alt text