Nav Mesh and Height Maps

Does the Nav Mesh Volume Bounds not work properly with landscapes generated by height maps? I have an AI that refuses to move on a height map, but when I create a new level and try it on the default platform, it works perfect.

Can you post a screenshot of your landscape with navigation turned on to see the paths generated?

It’s showing its there and active, but it’s like no AI can see it.


That is odd. I’m assuming your AI is doing a simple wander around. And the navmesh looks flat too. I’m afraid I don’t know. Does the AI work on a newly created landscape?

EDIT: You can try to delete the raycast navmesh object in your world outliner and then rebuilt to see if that’s the problem.

Thank you! Deleting the raycast worked! I deleted the bounds and re-applied before, but I guess I didn’t remove the raycast so it would rebuild properly. Thank you!

Awesome! Pesky raycast, it’s gotten many of us!