nature lighting tutorial?

Hey so i was making a nature scene but i cant get the lighting to look good at all.

I have tried for weeks now but i never succeds. now i know that my models and textures are no good, but still the lighting isnt good at all

So This one is my scene

And then i compare to this scene

Now ofcourse im not so dumb that i Think there is some secret button for this, but what is it i need to focus on to get good lighting? Is it the Directlight thing or the Skylight or the Postprocesing?

Thanks! :smiley:

Hello yghtim,

In short, the way to get your lighting correct is to use a combination of the three features you mentioned. Direct lighting, Sky lighting, and Post-Processing. My first suggestion would be to disable the ‘Auto-Exposure’ feature within the post processing settings. Then decide whether you want to sacrifice a little performance for quality by moving to a ‘Movable’ Directional Light and a ‘Movable’ Skylight. These mobility types provide the highest visual quality and mutability.

Post processing is your friend, but if used too extremely, can be your downfall. It is all a balancing act between lighting and post processing. Looking at your image, you will want to add some height changes in your landscape to give it a more organic feel as well.

Your best option would be to take a look at our documentation on Lighting the Environment to get a better understanding and knowledge of how lighting can be optimized to get the desired look and feel for your scene.

Let me know if you have further questions.