Nanite tesselation broken in UE5.4 (github)

I was testing UE5.4 (github build) today and noticed Nanite tessellation isn’t working. For testing I used a UE 5.3 project where it did work.

The variables are set In defaultEngine.ini

Any suggestions?

I actually have the exact same problem with the Launcher build. I suspect that Epic Games have changed the CVars that are responsible for enabling Tessellation. But with no further information i can’t say that. And i’m probably to lazy to look into the Engines source to determine if that’s the case.

If anyone here needs a solution to this, i guess then i take a deep look into the settings that is triggering Tessellation.

Cheers, hopefully this get’s fixed soon.

Okay, i just took a deeper look, and it seems that there is a new Plugin called “Nanite Displaced Mesh” that needs to be enabled along with these CVars.

Also along with that you need to enable “Enable Tessallation” in the material, in where you want to use it.

So my subsection was going into the correct direction. Epic Games have indeed changed some things.