Nanite meshes placed with foliage tool not selectable

I think there is a bug with nanite meshes when placing them with the foliage tool in UE5 (at least I don’t really think it is intended behavior, but what do I know, I’m new). If you add a nanite enabled static mesh to the foliage tool, lets say a tree trunk or a big rock, and then proceed tp place them around your level, they become unable to be selected with the individual select tool for foliage. Since you placed them with the foliage tool however, you can’t individually move them around like normal static meshes either. Nanite seems to work just fine when placing assets with the foliage tool and the assets also look fine, it is just that you can no longer individually select them to move them around after placing them with a brush.

Haven’t had this problem.

Hi, are you still having this problem or you have found a solution?

@NoticeableScout Really? You are able to move and rotate individual nanite foilage instances without any issues?