Nanite Mesh Import Times

I’m interested to know what people’s nanite mesh import times are like for meshes with more than 1 million polys?
For me it takes more than 20 mins to import a mesh with between 1 - 2 million polys.

  • I’ve made sure to untick generate lightmap UVs, generate collision and import textures or create materials as I thought they might be slowing it down, but that made no difference.
  • The mesh is already unwrapped with only one UV set and one island if that makes any difference.
  • I’m using UE5 Beta EA2 From the launcher (no custom build)
  • Model is around 700MB FBX

My PC specs are:
Ryzen 7 2700X (8core 3.7GHz)
RTX 2070 Super

Any help or even just mentioning if you are experienceing similar import time is much appreciated.

These two things don’t add up…

I just exported a 1m triangle mesh with a single UV channel to FBX from Blender, it’s 42.6mb.

It took 15 seconds to import it (I timed it) as a Nanite mesh…

I’m on a 3900x and the mesh/project are both on an SN750 SSD.


Strange, something is maybe up with my export settings or the model itself then. At least I have an idea where to look now. Thanks