Nanite megascans look blurry

When trying to create an environment with nanite assets from megascans, they look blurry. Been trying to follow this youtube tutorial Unreal Engine 5 Beginner Tutorial | Desert Canyons - YouTube but the render i do looks nothing like it. Seems like something is off. Been searching every corner of the internet for the last 6 hours but haven’t found a solution yet. Have anyone got the same issues? Tried with 2 different computers as well.

Check the resolution of your imported textures.
Might have been imported at a lower resolution.

Texture resolution is 8192 x 8192

Here´s a picture from the texture view.

Hmm that is strange indeed.
Try creating a new material and adding the textures manually to see if it makes a difference.
I use the desktop version of bridge and import myself.
So im not sure if it’s something that the plugin does when importing that is messing something up.
edit: just quickly imported one of the sandstone cliff ridges at only 4k resolution at lod0 and it looked fine.