Nanite Issue

Using UE5 and running into a couple of issues with nanite enabled meshes.

The first issue is that I have some nanite meshes attached to a skeletal mesh on a player character, for the character I have set up the ability to swap between 1st and 3rd person view and because of this the nanite meshes should be visible in 3rd person but not visible in 1st person. So I have set the nanite meshes to owner no see to be true initially as the player starts in 1st person, then this value is set through code every time a player swaps between view modes. But this is where the issue is, the nanite meshes can be seen no matter what view you are in. I’ve double checked the code to make sure everything is being set correctly and the only thing left is the nanite meshes themselves.

The other issue I have been having is that there is some nanite meshes in the level, these meshes load correctly in the level and the player is able to see them as they should when they are in view of the player. The issue is that when I tested the FreezeRendering command anything outside the view of the camera when I entered the command should be culled, however I noticed that all the nanite enabled meshes within the level are still visible even though they should have been culled as they aren’t in view of the player when the command was entered.

I wouldn’t think this is meant to be how nanite meshes work so was just wondering if anyone else has ran into this same issue.