*** NANITE is it only for statistical objects?

Nanite is only for static objects?

Or will we also be able to import the characters directly from Zbrush to Unreal 5?

It’s only for static objects

Doesn’t the demo use nanite on the boss? I don’t think the meshes can bend or scale ununiformly, but you can attach them to a socket/bone.

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Yes, I believe they can be attached, for example as armor. But from what I’ve heard actual skinned meshes cannot use nanite.

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Sorry but, is it true that all assets from Zbrush is static?

As long as Zbrush doesn’t allow rigging and skinning for it’s meshes, than yes everything you export from Zbrush is “static”.

That talked about this last year in one of those UE4 training videos. They are going to try to make it work for skinned meshes but it doesn’t yet. If I find the video I will link it.