Nanite: How Concerned Should I be About Overdraw?

Hey everyone! I’m diving head first into UE5 EA and I’m throwing nanite MS meshes at this thing like crazy. I just jumped into the overview visualizer for nanite and noticed the overdraw heatmap looks like a lava field. I’ve got my settings fairly optimized now to maintain a pretty good frame rate, but I’m just wondering how much of a concern this should be. As we discover the best practices for nanite environment/level design I’m wondering how to keep things optimized, but also, not sure if there’s any way around this as levels get more complex. The Sample Project is probably the same, although I haven’t looked at it yet…Thoughts?

They talked a fair bit about overdraw in last week’s Inside Unreal: Nanite | Inside Unreal - YouTube

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Thank you for that! I missed this section of the stream. Was watching on YT when it dropped out. That’s crazy though. You would think it would have an impact but nanite voodoo magic and all. lol

You’re actually supposed to avoid this. The reason it’s in the sample is because they rushed it (i.e. they didn’t optimize like they would for a final game). Nonetheless, it was performant enough, so they kept it.

It’s also talked about in the docs at Closely Stacked Surfaces.

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I may need to make some med sized ground plane meshes where the lanscape tool doesn’t really apply, but too large to use individual nanite meshes…