Nanite For VR

I have been working on my VR project for some time and have stayed away from meshes because nanite is not yet supported for VR. So I was wondering when nanite will be available for VR because I think it will really change VR?

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I’m also looking forward to the same thing…

We are also curious about this, because we currently have to maintain two separate 3D mesh models in addition to our CAD models and that is one for offline rendering and one for VR.

If Nanite in VR could enable us to use the offline render 3D model it would greatly reduce man hours needed.

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I think Nanite and Lumen support for VR is very close. Because the following statement is used in the roadmap published for UE 5.1:

Improved Workflows for XR Development

  • Moving towards rendering feature parity
    • Initial Stereo support for Nanite and Lumen, PC/Deferred Renderer only.

Here is Alex Coulombe has already tried VR with UE 5.1: