Nanite Foliage - Single selection broken

I noticed an issue using Nanite assets along the Foliage tool.
Clicking onto a single instance of a foliage highlights it but actually select another one, as the pivot of the object and transform editing are applied on another instance. (cf screenshot)

So far the workaround is to disable Nanite from the foliage assets, as it “fixes” the selecting and pivot issue, do the instance editing as wished and re-enable Nanite.

Unless there is something else to actually fix this problem?
Thanks for your help.


I have same bug. It is discussed also in this topic Bug? Transform Tool "misplaced" when selecting foliage that has nanite enabled
Erasing of foliage objects by painting also doesn’t work for me. This whole foliage thing is terribly broken…


Yes I’m having the same problem. Also the radius doesn’t work when painting with multiple foliage actors. I have had the radius set to 200 and the radius is and foliage actors are placed on top of one another. Not sure if they are supposed to respect eachother when painting with multiple actors selected?

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Have you solved it yet.It seems to have swapped handels.
The icon selection is incorrect


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