Nanite clusters fail to stay similarly sized, resulting in significant detail loss

I’m having an issue where the nanite clusters are not staying similarly sized to the rest of the assets in the scene, which causes very noticeable degradation in quality as the camera distance increases.

(you really need to view it at full size)

My guess would be that this is due to the surface being mostly flat with very subtle relief.

It would seem normal maps are still the best option for situations like this, but if anyone has any other ideas I’d appreciate them.

Some additional tests. I’d say trying to get any surface detail smaller than 5mm is probably not going to be worthwhile. Even 5mm is probably pushing it imo, but much of the lost detail won’t be noticeable on meshes with fairly noisy albedo/roughness.

Small regular patterns like the diamond pattern below also don’t reduce well despite retaining more triangles. Not much of a surprise I guess, geometry like this doesn’t reduce well in general.

Same meshes viewed from roughly 5 meters: