Nanite causes flickering mesh


I seem to have encountered an issue with Nanite. Parts of the mesh will flicker in and out constantly while Nanite is enabled on that item. This issue only occurs when using my Nvidia P106-100 GPU (which needs to be on driver version 417.22 for it to work). This does not happen when I am using my iGPU however the performance on my iGPU is very poor. I tried building UE5 on Linux (Pop!_Os) which can use the most recent version of the driver but says that my driver or hardware is not supported for Nanite.

Is there anything I can do or am I stuck with this?

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I recommend you to post at least a video showing your issue, that way is easier to determine the problem and a possible solution.

Good idea!

Same issue here, but on the 6700xt. Does not haopen for me on the RTX 2070, only on AMD hardware.

Did you bug report this?