Nanite bug causing black spots on mesh

Hello everyone,
I’ve got a bit of catastrophe… I’ve been working on a project for couple of weeks in UE5 with nanite enabled. I’ve changed reflection capture resolution from 128 to 1024 (after watching a youtube video for some other things…) and after restarting UE5 all shaders needed recompiling. When I tried to load a level UE crashed, so I’ve switched back to 128 and after shaders recompiling again I’ve noticed black spots on meshes that are using nanite.
Here’s an example screenshot with a model with nanite enabled and disabled:
I couldn’t find a fix for this… I’ve imagine because nanite is a new thing not many people had this issue?

Apologies for my poor english, it’s not my first language.

Turning off raytracing shadows seems to fix the issue.

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