Nanite and VR is busted

Nanite enabled meshes do not render correctly at all when running in VR, even simple cubes.

I realize this is a non-production ready Early Access version of the engine, but what is the expectation that the final release will have this fixed?


I guess add it to the list of new improvements we can’t use in vr. You’d think someone at epic would bother checking if these updates even appear correctly. That’s not asking much…

VR is really being neglected now by epic when this stuff starts becoming standard like niagara. I think it’s been out for the longest and still broken.

Edit: Just quickly tried lumen as well and unless im doing something wrong it doesn’t work in vr either but seems fine in editor viewport.

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I was really hyped about Nanite and VR. It would be such a game-changer for CAD models . I would love to know if it’s even possible.

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I was really curious to see how the nanite tech would perform in VR. I read here that is not working properly but let’s hope that this feature will be added later. Being able to use more polygons in VR is crucial for the future of this tech.

Preview 1: Still busted.

It’s actually slightly better than it was in the EA builds, as a Nanite mesh at full detail will actually render in both eyes, but as soon you move far enough away for a mesh to start dropping detail, it only renders in one eye.

Really hoping this is fully solved by the final release, but also I increasingly expect that it won’t be.