Nanite and spline mesh component

Hi all,

is it possible to use nanite mesh with spline mesh component? I tried but I have a low poly mesh instead the nanite mesh. Thank you for your help

Nanite doesn’t support deformation, and spline meshes deform a mesh.

You should also be aware that spline meshes don’t have distance fields so you won’t get great results with Lumen if you use them.

thank you Arkiras for your help. :wink:

so if I need to use nanite mesh I have to manually deform it previously, right?
is this the better way to work in UE5?
Thank you

You can do stuff in Houdini and bake it out to nanite. But it would be really nice to have an inbuilt “bake to nanite” button in engine, or even better just plain support for spline meshes and geometry nodes.

yep thank you