Nanite and baked lightmaps

I have a question regarding the use of Nanite in combination with lightmaps. The docs, AFAIK, do not state that it is impossible to use Nanite with static baked lightmaps. The docs even explicitly mention the usage of the Nanite mesh proxy for the purposes of lightbaking. However, there’s hardly any other info.
The problem I’m running into is this:
This is a nanite mesh after light bake (The UVs and the Lightmaps baking settings are fine):

This is the same identical mesh with the same UVs with Nanite disabled:

As is obvious Nanite introduces black seams on the edge of UVs seams. Also, nanite adds a halo-like effect around the edges of geometry as well. The standard static mesh does not exhibit such issues. Is there anything particular I should be doing to use Nanite with lightmaps or will this be fixed in the future? Or is Nanite meant to be exclusive to completely dynamic lighting solutions (it works just fine with Lumen or any other dynamic approach in my testing)?

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